PM Modi or Rahul Gandhi, know who is more popular as BJP and Congress start fresh debate

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National news

To show that the general public accepts their leaders, the Congress Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party started a fresh round of verbal warfare on Saturday. This time, the debate focused on how popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congressman Rahul Gandhi were, with social media engagement on their own accounts serving as the criteria

The Congress claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s address in Parliament attracted more views than PM Modi’s speech by sharing screenshots of viewership on Sansad TV’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile, the Congress published comparisons between PM Modi’s and Rahul Gandhi’s tweets. The party’s social media staff reports that PM Modi’s past 30 tweets had 21.59 million impressions, compared to 48.13 million for Rahul Gandhi’s most recent 30.

The statistics, according to the Congress, were gathered and compared on Saturday.

The BJP quickly responded to the assertions made by the Congress by presenting data that showed PM Modi winning in terms of interaction on social media platforms.

The BJP said that in the previous month, PM Modi’s account on X (formerly known as Twitter) had over 79.9 lakh interactions, whereas Rahul Gandhi’s account saw only 23.43 lakh engagements.

According to the BJP, PM Modi’s account on Facebook had 57.89 lakh interactions in the previous month, while Rahul Gandhi’s account had 28.38 lakh.

PM Modi once again leads in the popularity stakes according to a comparison of this year’s data on Facebook account interaction. Approximately 3.25 crore Facebook interactions had occurred on PM Modi’s account this year, compared to 1.88 crore on Rahul Gandhi’s, the BJP claims.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congressman Rahul Gandhi’s YouTube accounts both saw increases in viewing, which the BJP also reported.

According to the BJP, PM Modi’s channel received an estimated 25.46 crore views in the past month, while Rahul Gandhi’s channel saw an estimated 4.82 crore views.

According to the BJP, PM Modi’s YouTube channel has had over 75.79 crore views so far this year, whereas Rahul Gandhi’s account has received about 25.38 crore views.

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