Dome structures atop bus stand giving it Mosque-like look removed after BJP MP raises matter

National news
National news

Authorities have removed dome-shaped structures atop a new bus stand in Mysuru after a controversy erupted over its Mosque-shaped design.

The bus stop has been built at the Kerala Border-Kollegala section of NH-766.

In the original structure, three dome-shaped structures — two small at either side and one big at the Centre — were present atop the bus shelter.

However, the design was modified and the dome-shaped structures on the left and right were removed and only the one which was at the centre is visible now.

Mysuru district administration demolished two of the three domes on a newly built bus stop and retained the central dome following fracas between Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Simha and party MLA SA Ramdas.

Simha had threatened to raze the structure on the Nanjangud Highway down with a bulldozer, as the domes on the bus stand resembled a mosque.

According to BJP sources, the design of the bus shelter was said to have been inspired by the Mysuru palace and was built by the district administration on the insistence of the MLA.

“But, some technical fault took place in the construction, leading to misunderstanding between the two BJP leaders,” a BJP worker said.

Before the issue could reach a flashpoint, Ramdas decided to raze the dome down and he informed the district authorities to demolish the two domes, the sources said.

Expressing happiness over the demolition, Pratap Simha tweeted, “If there is a big dome flanked by two smaller domes on either side, it is a mosque.

I did what I had said that I will get it removed. Thanks to the Deputy Commissioner who asked for time and kept his word, and to Ramdas who understood the reality and bowed to public opinion.”

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