10-year-old set ablaze after refusing to dance with miscreants in Hajipur

National news
National news

The incident took place in the Bahura village in Hajipur during a wedding. Some boys had tried to forcefully dance with the girls present at the event, to which the girls had refused. Angered by this, two boys poured oil on the girl and set her on fire. The police was immediately alerted about the incident.

The victim, a student of Class VI, said,” “We had gone to Biloki when it was Roshan Bhaiya’s wedding. When we were dancing there, the brothers came and started dancing with us. A fight broke out when they were coming after having a wedding feast. The boys threathened that they will not let them go. Then when I started shouting, everyone came.”

“When it was night, I slept with my grandmother. As I went to the bathroom in the next morning, they emerged from the bathroom. Then they shut my mouth and took me a little further away. They further caught my hand and threathened to burn me. Then they poured petrol on me and set it on fire and ran away.

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